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It's time to go big, locally!

Welcome to your new, full-featured mobile app, branded for your business thriving, built for your customers' convenience.

Connect with your customers; catalyze community business.



For the Customer
  • A mobile wallet. Customers can pay for their purchases via your mobile app.

  • Prepaid balances. Customers can store prepaid value in your mobile app, while your prepaid capital stays in your bank account.

  • Order ahead. Nothing is more convenient for your customer than to have their order waiting when they arrive.

  • Mobile gift cards. Your customers can send mobile gift cards to friends and family who don’t yet have your mobile app.

  • Loyalty/rewards. Your loyalty program is maintained and updated automatically as customers use your mobile app.

  • Subscriptions. Customers can easily join subscriptioms and redeem subscription or package benefits from their mobile device.

  • Discounts/Offers.  Customers can receive convenient push notifications and emails regarding discounts, promos available to your loyal patrons.

  • Recurring Payments.  What's better than recurring revenue!?  Let your customers setup automatic payments and prepaid balance reloads via their mobile app.


For Your Business
  • You own BRANDED app.

  • Mobile Prepaid and Mobile Gift Cards.  Your customers can store prepaid balances with you or purchase mobile gift cards for new/other customers.

  • Subscriptions/Recurring Payments. Use your mobile app to let your customers subscribe to service or product packages, and setup automated recurring payments. Build your own custom subscription packages, and let customers join subscription programs and redeem subscription benefits.

  • Appointment Booking/Order Ahead. Let your customers schedule appointments, book services, or purchase products, and pay for products/services, using one app. Manage resources and products for direct and convenient booking/consumption by customers from your mobile app.

  • Discounts and promotions. You can make special offers available only to your mobile app users.

  • Target marketing. Using STI-SmallBusiness analytics, you can customize offers based on criteria you define.


The Difference
  • All-in-One full business services and payments support in ONE, branded app.  No more wasted time or money using multiple apps for your various business functions.

  • Developed in the United States.

  • Based on service and sustainability via relationships with financial institutions.

  • Designed with security first in mind. Built by financial industry tech insiders and based on proprietary, patent-pending technology, designed for consumer and financial security.

  • Very affordable.  Designed with value and accessibility in mind.

  • Offered through a network of federally insured financial institutions.

Why You Need a
Mobile Strategy, Now!

66% of companies that saw a decrease in customer loyalty over the past year do not have a mobile app.

40% of millennials want to track/redeem rewards on an app.

60% of U.S. consumers interact with retailers online via mobile devices.

30% of retail mobile app users will redeem a beacon-triggered offer.

60% of mobile coupon users are willing to switch brands to use a coupon.




STI-SmallBusiness is a product of Daland Solutions. We're a team of experienced financial technology professionals with decades of experience. Because our background is in the banking industry, we know the financial transaction business better than any upstart software company. That's an important point to consider when you looking for a vendor to provide your business with a complete mobile transaction platform that rivals anything currently in use by your big, national competitors.


We love local economies and community financial institutions.  We live to serve small businesses.  In an era where big chains seem to be taking over the world, local merchants are struggling to maintain their relevance. We're singularly committed to ensuring that the local economy remains strong, and the merchants that support it remain competitive. We're singularly committed to providing businesses just like yours with the technology tools they need to thrive and prosper.


STI-SmallBusiness is based on our patent-pending STI (Secure Transaction Image) mobile transaction platform. STI is the most robust, most secure, most flexible mobile transaction system on the market today. It's designed to keep transacted funds safe and keep you in control of your own financial destiny, while allowing you and your customers to transact anywhere, on any device, over any network, without ANY concerns.


Let one of our product specialists show you how STI-SmallBusiness can benefit you.  Just let us know when and how you prefer to be contacted.

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Tel: 855-325-2631, ext 1
Tel: 855-DALAND1
6105 S Main Street
Suite 200
Aurora, CO 80016
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